Confidence Coaching

To be able to express yourself with confidence, you need to know what you want, but you also have to believe that you’re worth it.  For those looking for more individualised support to develop your confidence, we offer 1:1 coaching.  We support you to identify what brings you pleasure, set relevant goals, and so work towards them on your terms. 


Who is it for?

  • You dream of things being 'better' but have no idea where to start - even the thought of making change is overwhelming
  • You want more pleasure than you're experiencing - not just in bed, but in all areas of life
  • You've lived with the dissatisfaction for so long, that you don't even know what you want anymore
  • You know your 'big heart' is supposed to be an asset, but it feels like a liability​
  • You're tired of your needs not being met
  • You're sick of biting your tongue and holding back what you want to say
  • You've tried every assertiveness trick in the book, but somehow it just never feels 'real'
  • You've decided something has to give - and for once, maybe it won't be you
  • You recognise that communicating your needs effectively is the key to changing your life
  • You know the only person you can change is you - and you're ready to put the work in to do it
  • You're ready to give yourself permission to want what you want
  • You're ready to invest - your time, money, and effort to make a change

What do we do?

Coaching is about creating a safe place to explore what’s holding you back and find ways to move forward.  You might have beliefs about yourself, your situation, or the world that are limiting your confidence and self expression.  Together we’ll explore what you think and feel about situations to see what needs to change.  We work together to bring to light the hidden patterns and unspoken assumptions that are causing you to live out of alignment with who you are and what you want.  But – and this is crucial! – first we focus on accepting yourself and your circumstances.

That might sound backwards (‘Accepting where I am?! But I want to change!’)  but have you ever heard the phrase, ‘What you resist, persists?’

It’s true.

True, embodied confidence comes first through radical self-acceptance. So we’ll start with looking at where you are and prioritise accepting you in this moment.  Then we’ll focus on what you want to change and how to get there.

As a somatic coach, we’ll also use what you’re feeling physically as information to help in the process. We might do a few mindfulness type exercises, or experiment with some different types of physical movement – always with a sense of curiosity and playfulness.  Why? Because your body has a knowledge your brain can’t always consciously access.  This is particularly true around issues related to sex, sexuality, and sexual pleasure, so we’ll check in with your body and see what it has to say. 


A note on coaching vs. therapy:

People often ask what the difference is between coaching and therapy.  An easy (albeit slightly oversimplified!) way to explain it is that therapy helps to answer, ‘How did I get here?’ whereas coaching helps to answer, ‘How do I get there?’.

Coaching is not the same as therapy and should not be used in lieu of therapy.  It is however, often an excellent follow-on or complementary service!

Please note that significant trauma is more appropriately addressed through therapy. 

How does it work and how much is it?

All coaching is done remotely, over voice or video call.  You can choose the method that feels most comfortable for you.

We’ll start with a 45 – 60 minute ‘chemistry call’ to make sure it feels like a fit.  If after that call, you don’t want to go ahead, no problem and NO pressure!  Reaching out for support and creating change can be challenging – it’s essential that you have the support system that feels right for you. 

Sessions last approximately 1 hour. If we hit a natural stopping point slightly before, we may end then or – if needed and possible for both parties – we may run slightly over, up to 75 minutes. 

 In-depth text and email support is available in between sessions for an additional fee (see below). This is for when you need significant support, to discuss issues, or to bounce ideas around with a more immediate and detailed response.  

Any messages related to scheduling, general questions, or ad hoc celebrating progress, etc. are of course welcomed at any time! 


6 sessions  – $540

10 sessions – $900

1:1 Ad Hoc sessions – $99 

*Text and Email support between sessions can be added for an additional $50 per 5 sessions.

Small Print 

  • 48 hours notice is required for all cancellations.  Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will incur a $25 cancellation fee.  This isn’t to penalise you, it’s to ensure your commitment and respect for you and your coach’s time. It also allows ample time for rescheduling.  
  • Last minute requests for sessions (less than 48 hours notice) will be accommodated wherever possible. 
  •  All sessions must be used within 18 months of purchase. 
  • Sessions over 90 minutes will be considered 2 sessions. 
  •  I am a certified Transformation Coach – I am not a licensed therapist. I am not qualified to provide counselling related to significant trauma and will always refer to additional services as appropriate.  Please be aware of this when determining whether coaching is the right fit for you! 

'[Emma's approach was] calm, measured, thoughtful but without any awkward distance or sense of being observed. It was very easy to unravel as needed and wander off and tangetialise and yet still find an anchor.'


'She is the most satisfying person to speak to. I have spoken to various therapist/healing type people over the course of my life and she has by far been the person who let the opening up keep coming. Kept it all held quite neatly and then reflected certain aspects back in ways that I had not considered before, or at least had not been able to hear, even from myself.' 


'Emma helped me to accept and process and rejections, along with keeping focus on my sense of self and what would be best for me.'

Project Manager

'My initial reason for wanting a life coach is that I had a difficult decision to make and I thought a life coach might make my decision clear. However, what I gained was far deeper than that. Emma has guided me to many insights about myself: my motivation, goals, relationship dynamics etc. Furthermore, I gained tools to feel less anxious and prioritize my time. One of the most meaningful changes is that I have finally given myself permission to want what I want, and that feels good.... I think anyone would benefit from this style of coaching, regardless of their situation or goals.'