Fair Pleasure is a safe place for you to explore your pleasure and learn more about what turns you on.

Fairpleasure is founded on the idea that pleasure is important.  We believe that knowing your likes and dislikes, having the confidence to explore them, and communicating them effectively is essential to a healthy, happy life. 

We’re building fairpleasure.com as a resource for women to explore their fantasies through erotic content.  We also offer tools and techniques for communicating your desires with confidence. 

Our coaching tools are designed to help you feel more confident communicating and acting on your desires. We help you create the sex life you really want, from fantasies to IRL.

All of the erotic content we host will be produced according to a transparent set of standards.

These include compensating workers fairly, creating content legally with respect for workers’ rights, and reflecting diversity in all its forms. That also means that we’ll charge a membership fee to access certain content so that we can ensure a fair price for all the people involved in bringing you Fair Pleasure.

We're a community of pleasure explorers, learning together.

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